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Depot Ieper

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Surface tableware bySergio Herman

With the Surface collection, Sergio drew inspiration from the unspoilt nature of Zeeland (NL) with its rough textures and beautiful imperfections that show what is real and true. From the deep grey of the mystical North Sea to a scarred and ageing skin; every surface is a symbol of depth. Every surface tells a story. That is why he was so happy when he got the chance to tell his own story and translate his professional experience into this very personal tableware collection. It is the product of a vision that Sergio and Serax share: the belief in talent and the power of collaboration to spark creativity. After all, a strong idea has no meaning if it is not executed.

Depot Ieper

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Pure cookware by Pascale Naessens

Pascale Naessens doesn't doubt it for a second: "Working with beautiful, useful objects in the kitchen makes you happy." Based on this philosophy, the ceramist is expanding her successful Pure line for Serax with cooking pots and pans with unsurpassed ease of use that also look particularly beautiful on a laid table. She is also launching a beautiful collection of wooden objects that are the ultimate companions for the cooking pots, both in the kitchen and on the table.